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Oct 30

Porcelain tiles can be used for a variety of applications. These tiles come in many different finishes and textures—plus, they're made from several different materials. Many homeowners are attracted to the affordable and long-lasting porcelain tile. In this article, we’ll take a look at the porcelain tile industry, how porcelain tiles can benefit homeowners and where you can use them.

Porcelain Tiles: Current and Future Growth

Technological advancements are revolutionising the ceramic and porcelain flooring tile industry, enabling manufacturers to develop tile products with innovative designs, patterns and colours to cater to end users’ aesthetic preferences. These innovative products are fuelling the growth of the ceramic and porcelain tile market, which is expected to reach around £65 billion by 2027.

Porcelain tiles are expected to be in demand in both the residential and non-residential sectors, which is another major factor driving the ceramic and porcelain tiles market. The floor and wall tiles sector has remained largely stable in recent years, with ceramic and porcelain tiles dominating the market, comprising 78%.

Porcelain tiles are increasingly becoming popular for withstanding high foot traffic. Currently, it has proven to be an appealing substitute for traditional stone materials.

What Are the Advantages of Porcelain Tiles?

1. Durable and ideal for areas with high traffic

Tiles made of porcelain are highly durable and tend to last longer than other flooring options such as carpet or wood because they have fewer air gaps. Denser and more uniform in construction, porcelain tiles are generally thicker and harder than most other tiles. Their high resistance to wear makes them ideal for high-traffic areas. If you have a long entryway or hallway where people walk a lot, porcelain tiles can stand up to the daily use and abuse while still looking great.

They’re also highly resistant to scratches. And if exposed to direct sunlight, porcelain tile patterns will not fade. In contrast, the patterns on regular flooring may fade in the presence of direct sunlight.

Outdoor porcelain floor tiles can be used for outdoor spaces since they don’t deteriorate when exposed to the elements. Furthermore, they are resistant to cracks and breaks caused by impacts.

2. Visually appealing

In addition to being highly durable, porcelain tiles also have the benefit of looking beautiful. This flooring option is way more durable and attractive than other tiles on the market, helping transform your space into one you’ll look forward to sharing with others.

3. Wide selection of styles to choose from

Porcelain tiles produced today are pretty convincing at mimicking a wide range of floor coverings, from marble and wood to granite, brick, limestone, steel and even bamboo. From a visual standpoint, they can look almost identical to the real deal. They can deliver an attractive design combined with the durability you need in your kitchen and other high foot traffic areas. With their versatile colours and patterns, homeowners can select the design they like best to match their taste and complement their home decor.

4. Less susceptible to moisture and stains

In cold climates, some homeowners experience cracking of ceramic tiles due to moisture. Damp tiles can crack when placed in a cold environment. However, there’s less chance of this happening with porcelain tile.

Due to porcelain's high density and greater uniformity, liquids are less likely to penetrate it compared with other porous ceramic tile types. Since moisture can't penetrate porcelain tiles as easily, you end up with a more durable flooring option. They’re thus ideal for damp environments and areas requiring constant maintenance, such as kitchen floors. Porcelain tiles ensure that moisture will not affect the splash zone of a kitchen. Additionally, porcelain tiles are stain-resistant, making them a better choice than other materials.

5. Low maintenance

Keeping floors in good condition requires a lot of effort. Bathrooms and kitchens are common places to install tiles, and water stains are difficult to avoid in these areas. Because of porcelain tiles’ natural water and stain resistance, you won’t have to do extensive maintenance work. They just need to be wiped clean to remove stains. When spills occur, you can simply clean them up using a damp cloth. A quick mop or light sweep is all that's needed to keep your porcelain tiles immaculate.

Porcelain tiles are an excellent alternative to carpeting because they're resistant to household chemicals, allowing them to be disinfected and cleaned without getting damaged. You don't need to worry about them soaking up chemicals.

What Is Porcelain Tile Used For?

You can install porcelain tiles in any part of your homes, such as your kitchen, bathroom and other rooms prone to moisture. They can be used for both floors and walls and come in various patterns, sizes and colours.

High foot traffic areas

Tiles made of porcelain are dense and durable, perfect for high foot traffic areas in commercial and residential spaces alike. If you want to install durable tile flooring with a textured finish, porcelain tiles are the way to go. They make great kitchen floor tiles since they’re durable and straightforward to maintain. For a contemporary kitchen, wood effect porcelain tiles offer a stylish touch.


In the bathroom, you can relax from the stresses of life, and that should be reflected in the flooring. Porcelain flooring is ideal for bathrooms; it doesn't absorb moisture due to its non-porous nature. There are many options for porcelain bathroom tiles, allowing you to transform the room’s look depending on your unique style. You can go for a minimalist, elegant look using subtle, neutral tile colours or choose colourful and patterned options for a more vibrant style.


Porcelain tiles are also good for outdoor use due to their stain- and weather-resistant properties. With their low water absorption nature, they’re not susceptible to cracking in freezing temperatures.

Install Porcelain Tiles in Your Home Today

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